Since I moved into my townhouse, I decided that it would be a good time to “cut the cord” and do away with the local cable/satellite monopolies. I was paying close to $150 a month for a plethora of channels that I never watched.

It’s been over a year now and when I reflect on the decision, I’ve assured myself it was the right choice. I’ve obtained an AppleTV 2, which I was able to jailbreak and add the XBMC software package to. This practically turned my ATV into a global cable box. Sure, the quality isn’t that great, but I’m able to watch most cable channels, if I really absolutely must. Thing is, I seldom have a desire to see anything live anymore (save for the last half of this last season of Breaking Bad… MUST SEE RTF NOW). Every now and again I’ll get a hankering to see some true crime shows on Investigation Discovery. Fortunately, I get to watch it on the ATV, with Turkish subtitles!

I’m sure the moral and legal ramifications of this drift into a gray area, but I’m on the road 75% of the time and even then the TV in the hotel room usually remains off in favor of my iPad/Jambox combo. The one night I did decide to see what was on presented me with options like Nancy Grace, Duck Call Hillbillies, Fake Moonshine Reality and that ridiculous show where these bozos fight each other over junk in storage units.

So, really, at the end of the day, all said and done, I don’t miss cable all that much. I do miss the Redzone. I’ll cop to that. The rest, not so much.


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