Of All Stuff & Things Irritating


After a long hiatus, I decided to start some writing again.  Mostly bitching, as the case may be.  There’s just some stuff I need to get out that won’t fit into 140 characters without defeating the whole point of Twitter (which I will continue to use far more frequently than this).

So, where to begin?  How a bout with this:  http://sdurban.com/?p=8176 . You’ll have to skip through the stuff about the new Hess Brewery (which is really great news) and get to the part about the “parklet” where you’ll see one of my tweets re-purposed for the author’s self edification.  As he’s decided to take issue with my opinion, I’ll address his points and poke holes in his logic.

  • There’s a huge parking garage right down the street from Cafe Calabria. Very observant. You know what else is right down the street from Calabria?  A huge fucking park. And, I know this may come as a complete shock to you, but it’s actually designed to be used as a park and not a parking space!
  • You say you can’t understand the entitlement of the me-and-my-car-first crowd. What a set of balls. Let me ask you, Mr. Millenial (re: hipster), where do YOU get the sense of entitlement that, with several public parks at your disposal, that public parking spaces should become parks? And don’t bark out how it improves the community. All this “parklet” does is add more seats to Calabria.  The parking spots were there to service neighboring businesses by offering a convenient place to park to conduct business. Now, it’s just an addition to the one lucky business that won the parklet lotto.
  • San Diego is a top tier city. It was before you “millenials” started feeling the entitlement to swoop in on parking spaces in what appears to be little more than a Fuck You to car owners. We get it, hipster. You like bikes. You have your bike lanes.  You have your bike racks. You pussies even get escorts from the police when you band together to ride around and terrorize motorists. Yet you just need your nonsensical parklet to take one more jab at people who prefer the convenience of driving a car.

You know what’s going to happen when this fad passes and the parklet is torn down and removed? It’s going to be parking spaces again.  Where big old fuel guzzling behemoths can park and belch their fluids on to the ground.  The next generation is going to laugh at your ludicrous ideas, just like my generation does.


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