It’s that time of the year!  The last week of September and into the first weekend of Oktober is when the Germans celebrate their Bavarian heritage with a 16 day festival that seems to be focused around eating lots of sausages and drinking ludicrous amounts of beer.  The Atlantic’s In Focus has some great pictures from the Oktoberfest in Munich.  Looks like far too many people for my comfort zone, but everyone I know that has gone trumpets the great time they had.  Someday!

This past weekend saw 2 Oktoberfest celebrations in my neck of the woods.  There’s the much celebrated La Mesa Oktoberfest and the El Cajon German-American Society Oktoberfest.  While the La Mesa version is practically across the street, it comes off as just another street fair with a little German flair in the form of a beer garden with the required oompah music.  Which is fine.  Those street fairs are fun and we just went to the Adams Avenue Street Fair last weekend.

We chose the El Cajon fest for it’s authenticity and attention to detail.  It’s a much smaller affair and really seems to cater to the local German community in San Diego county.  Slow cooked ox meat, delicious sausages and a dessert lineup that’ll send you into a diabetic coma.  All this comes with lederhosen, traditional dancing and a band that comes all the way from Germany every year.

We had a blast.  It’s definitely the better of the 2 fests and something we look forward to every year.

Next up is the Polish Festival, next weekend.  Time to get my pierogi bib out of storage!


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