Polish Festival


The weekend was pretty busy, but that didn’t’ stop us from going to the annual Polish Festival down in Pacific Beach.  This was the first time we’ve attended this and I was eager to gorge myself on some of the delicacies I grew up with back in New York.

We had pierogies (2 kinds… kapusta/mushroom and potato/cheddar), Golumpki (cabbage roll stuffed with beef and rice, covered in tomato sauce) and Bigos (aka: Hunter’s Stew, aka: kapusta with chunks of pork and sausage).  All were super delicious, albeit a little pricey.  But it all goes to a good cause, so no issues with that.  The potato pancakes were simply too greasy to finish, but the crisp edges sure were delicious.

It was pretty packed and, as we were leaving, a polka band was warming up to get their grooves on. We accomplished what we set out to do, which was eat delicious Polish food.  Polish food is definitely a commodity in Southern California.  Something I definitely took for granted growing up in a predominantly Polish influenced family back in New York. Not to mention I hadn’t seen that many Polish people in one place since I went to my sister’s wedding back in New York a few years ago.

About once a year we’ll break down and spend a day making pierogies from scratch.  It’s seriously an all day affair with a yield that lasts about 2 weeks, if that.  But it’s fun and definitely helps me appreciate all the efforts my grandmother and aunts put forth in the past to put together some of the large family meals we’d have.

Already looking forward to the festival next year!


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